Who we are

We are two qualified Walking Guides living and working in Tuscany who decided to pool our resources.

The close bond that connects us is our shared passion for hiking, which we view not just as a physical activity, but rather as the most astute and gratifying way to explore and discover all those beautiful features, both natural and artistic, which make up our marvellous region, Tuscany. The concept of rushing does not exist while we are enjoying a walk at a leisurely pace: our aim is to embrace the stunning views, observe minute details, listen to the gentle sounds of the countryside and breathe the various aromas. And for those who wish to reach more distant venues, we offer the opportunity to travel ecologically: how? On an e­-bike or a mountain bike (MTB). The types of destination we choose for our patrons are those that are unspoiled and less conventional. In other words, we intend to reveal remote corners of Tuscany in a natural and relaxing way, contrary to what mass tourism proposes. We are utterly convinced that showcasing the natural environment of Tuscany and its picturesque hamlets is a formidable strategy which enables not only foreign tourists but also locals to truly discover something new whilst at the same time keeping historic and apparently forgotten places alive. We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm with people from every part of the world and to showing them our stunning Tuscany, by walking, biking and why not, also eating!

Walking Guides